concept : participation : adapt

Adapting your original concept when working alongside experts, participants and partner organisations.

LAN2016pix2LAN AGM : Artists : Experts Saturday 30th January 2016
Sir John Cass Faculty Art, Architecture & Design (CASS) London Metropolitan University

Associate artist David Rogers gave a presentation to the members of Landscape Arts Network. The presentation outlined the changing nature of the ‘Seasonal Sound Walks’ project, when ‘experts’ are employed to enrich the content and the participants experience is taken into account.

Response to the presentation:

Thank you for revealing the shifts in approach by which you developed engagement in the sound-walks. To have active, rather than passive engagement with the sonorities of landscape is a great idea. It undoes the notion of landscape as Other, so simply. A bit like how in the wake of Andy Goldsworthy’s success, impromptu ephemeral sculptures have become a commonplace – the landscape as playground for the artist within.

Ewan Allinson : LAN [Chair]

I very much enjoyed your presentation and interesting to see a few parallels between our work. The Ridgeway Sounds project looks great.

Dr Robert Mackay : Senior Lecturer in Music,
Engagement and Communications Coordinator,
Programme Leader MA by Research,
School of Drama, Music and Screen
University of Hull

Link to download a .pdf version of ‘concept : participation : adapt’

Other speakers at the AGM:

LAN2016pix1Tim Collins : Principal Collins & Goto Studio, Glasgow Scotland
and Vice Chair of the Landscape Research Group
Artist as strategist in environmental deliberations over Black Wood, Rannoch.

Angenita Teekens : Artist, Teacher and Facilitator
Artistic management of a coastal renovation in Essex.

Trudi Entwistle : Artist and Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at Leeds Beckett University.
‘Upstream’:  How an artist addresses upland water management.

Richard Povall : Schumacher College, Sound Artist, Researcher and Educator.
Occasionally, an uneasy truce: knowledges and understandings around the kitchen table (artists vs. farmers).

Christine Watkins : Writer and Performance Story Teller
Making the Starry Sea of Milk – story landscapes in dairy farming.

Henna Asikainen : Artist
Miina Akkijyrkka – the Finnish artist whose work saved a breed of cattle.

Aly Stoneman : Project Coordinator for Junction Arts
Delivering a range of arts projects in a Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership in Derbyshire.

Richard Keating : Artist
Art-walking: the catalyst for community engagement in landscape change?

Rob Mackay : Composer, Sound Artist and Performer – University of Hull
Sound and the Environment: Sound Art projects relating to landscapes, ecologies, people and place.

Mark Dixon : Observer and Collaborator
Landart on a shoestring – for the birds, in the Fens.

Jeff Higley : Performer, Sound Artist and Sculptor

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