Becky Williamson :: Creative Writing Workshop

limb-to-limbFor a few days after the workshop my mind buzzed with creativity. It seemed I had entered a seldom visited zone in my brain, as if seeds of creativity had been sown and needed just a little water of encouragement to germinate and grow. It was wonderful to feel so energized and fertile. The conditions had been optimal for such growth – time and space to ponder and reflect, a beautiful location, a theme to channel the creativity and like-minded people to bounce ideas off. These are ingredients I shall seek more to encourage creativity to flow more often.

I wrote a few poems and a piece about a book I’d read and just reveled in being in the right frame of mind, quietened, less distracted, more focused and inspired by the workshop.

Sadly such energy and inspiration slowly seeps away, pressures of work and daily living return and it is difficult to maintain that equilibrium. But I shall seek it again.


UpdateI have now revisited the South Dorset Ridgeway with a specific purpose in mind – to write a ballad based on the true events which inspired Thomas Hardy’s short novel, ‘The Melancholy Hussar’. I went to Bincombe and spent the day there, sitting in the churchyard where the events took place, walking on Bincombe Down, along the ridgeway and putting myself in the shoes of Phyllis and her soldier lover. It was a truly fruitful time. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to write in a specific form (although I recognize it’s not a traditional ballad!), and about a specific theme, instead of only writing when and where the muse took me. I decided to put myself in the way of inspiration, with the tools I needed – camera, pen, paper, lunch and flask and a book of Hardy’s poetry to get the creative juices flowing. Although I prefer not to write in this form, and found it contrived and difficult, I still think it was an enriching experience and one I would recommend trying. I will certainly try again!