Winterbourne Steepleton Church Band


A glorious autumnal Sunday morning – and David and I were off to church.

Following Revered Jean’s glowing reports of the Church Band, which regularly plays at church services in her parish, we decided to attend and record the service at Winterbourne Steepleton. The band plays here on the second Sunday of each month, often with quite a variety of instruments.

We arrived early and got permission to sit up in the West Gallery. Winterbourne Steepleton is one of a few Dorset churches which has its West Gallery intact and still in use, when needed. Originally the band would have been up there but nowadays they sit up front.


This Sunday we had Margaret (“the Boss”) on keyboard, Wendy on violin, Gill on flute, Alison on recorder and Jon on trumpet. They played as people were coming in, they accompanied the hymns and finished off with “Ode to Joy”.


Sunlight streamed in to the little church. The sounds resonated beautifully around the space.

After the service everyone was so very welcoming and interested in our project and keen to share their thoughts and ideas. There was much talk about the lost village of Winterbourne Farringdon. Few of them knew of it and were very curious about it.

Officiating alongside Revered Jean was Allen Knott, who apparently will be providing the entertainment at the Harvest Supper, so we will be meeting him again very soon!

Later this week we are off to meet William Barnes/Dorset Dialect expert, Dr Alan Chedzoy, who has promised to answer every question with an extract from a poem!

Should be quite an afternoon…..